Thursday, December 15, 2011



My 3 months of holiday have started a month ago but I only have the free time to update now cos I’ve been pretty occupied for the past few weeks. Anyways, I’m SO glad that this semester is over! It has been SO hectic and stressful. It feels so awesome right now to wake up everyday without having anything to worry about and no nightmares about not finishing my assignment in time LOL.

Anyways, the past 4 weeks of holiday have been quite awesome. I got ALL the rest that I needed and it was quite productive too ;) Manage to catch up with my high school friends and also keep in touch with my uni mates. Most people already have plans on what to do during this long break (like working or travelling and such) but I have no idea AT ALL. I’m not planning to work cos I’m too lazy to @_@ Not travelling as well cos I don’t think any of my friends are up for it so yeah ;/

Oh yeah not forget to mention, Christmas is coming in a week’s time! ;D Time passed so fast omg. To me, the moment that I handed in my final assignment feels like just 1 or 2 weeks ago but now it’s already the mid of December! Good times always pass so fast ;/ Last year I didn’t really have the whole Christmas mood because I was having class in December. This year, I thought to myself that I’m gonna enjoy it so much more because I’m on break during Christmas, but turns out I’m not having a super awesome Christmas mood as well ;( Hmmm maybe cos I stay at home too much.

Anywayyyyyys, been doing a lot of deep thinking recently. About many things. It certainly made me learn how to look at things from different perspectives. And for the past few months, seeing the people around me and all the things that happened to them made me comprehend that just because you didn’t succeed at a certain something, doesn’t mean you have to give up or lose hope in it. It’s okay to hurt and be disappointed, but never be afraid to trust in it again. Love, passion, friendship, life.. Everything. We might get disappointed every once in awhile and it might not even have a good outcome, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll never ever obtain that good outcome in the future. You just have to keep trying and trying, as long as u don’t lose hope in it. That’s what I tell myself all the time for the past few months. Because getting hurt/disappointed is something that will definitely occur along the way. So no matter what, we HAVE to stay strong and have faith ;) Never ever give up on anything.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


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Has been more than 3 month since I last blogged due to the endless waves of assignments = =" Anyways I finally have the time (and mood) to blog because this week's a holiday week for me ;) I still have 2 more weeks and my semester 2 will officially end and I shall say hello to 3 months of holiday ;D Thinking about it already excites me ;)

Anyways, nothing much happened in the past 3 months. Just loads and loads of assignments ;/ Uni life has been OKAY. Not as awesome as last semester somehow ;( Mainly cos my timetable with most of my friends' are very different and we only get to meet like twice a week during lecture class. Things...changed =/

Been feeling kinda upset lately cos most of the friendships are drifting apart. Compared to last year, me and most of my high school friend's friendship have changed greatly. A year ago, we meet each other every week we always keep in touch with each other. Now, none of us even bother to on MSN anymore. Most of us spend more time on Facebook instead (which is not entirely a bad thing). I guess things are just different as time goes on. Of course, if there are things that I could do to make everything normal again I'd definitely do.

Oh well.. For now, just let it be and see how it goes later.. I'm sure things will workout again soon enough ;)
Friendship has the biggest value in my life. To me, it's equally important as family ;)
Those are the perfect memories made, and I'll put my all to create such memories again =)

I promise to turn things back to normal when my holiday starts. I promise ;)

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blogging Contest: Johnnie Walker – Step Inside The Black Circuit Singapore 2011

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I should be given the exclusive invitation because it would mean a lot to me if I get the chance to meet one of the McLaren Mercedes drivers as well as attend my very first Johnnie Walker event.

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Keep walking.
Never Drink and Drive.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Blablabibabom & Harry Potter!

I've been isolating my blog again D: But that's because not much has been happening lately so yeah there's nothing for me to write about = =" If I update everyday people will be sick of my blog LOL so yeah I let it rest for awhile ;)

My holiday has been okay. Not awesome but normal lah I guess. Didn't have any trips, just small outings cos everyone's too damn busy = ="

Anyways one of the few outings worth mentioned is when we watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 ;D All of us were so excited and desperate to watch it so we went the first day it screened ;D The movie was at 12am LOL so when the movie ended it was already 2am.


One of the fight scenes ;)

Overall, the movie is awesome =D Let's not critic about the movie and just appreciate the hardwork and effort and how this series have affected all of us and it actually played a part in our life. We basically grew up with the story. As Harry and everyone else in the movie grew up, we did too. And it is able to connect to us ;D

The series defintiely reminded me lots of moments with my best friends. And also how it is able to suck us into their world, a fantasy that gives us space to imagine and explore; fantasize.

I'm definitely sad that this awesome series have come to an end but as what J.K Rowling (the author) said,
"No story lives unless someone wants to listen. The stories we love best do live in us forever, so whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home."

Althought it has ended but it will be remembered for the rest of our lives and there'll always be a Hogwarts in us ;)

The beautiful moments in life that happens at that instant. It will be hard to go back to that particular moment but in life, we do not live in the past but look forward instead. Create another beautiful moment instead of trying to re-live that moment in the past ;)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Walking Down The Memory Lane

Since the holiday started, my usual sleeping time is around 4-5am. Which makes me very lifeless and having excessive free time.

I was browsing through my old photos in Facebook, those that I was tagged. I saw many photos of me with my high school friends, the funny moments, and even the conversations that we had privately, then we screenshot it and post it in Facebook to share it with everyone and laugh at it. Even though we dont meet often but from time to time, we post a random photo in Facebook and tag everyone in it, then we have a good laugh at it and criticise each other. Those were the awesome times. Sad to say, none of these are happening anymore ;(

The distance is definitely getting further apart between all of us. I know this time would come but I just didn't expect it to be so soon... In 7 months time, everything changed so quickly and became so different.

Some left the state to further studies, some are occupied with their own hectic life, some are having other more important things to prioritise on..
Which explains why everyone (not everyone, but mostly) drifted apart.

Of course, it is also because of some of the misunderstandings that happened that causes all of these.. Which is the worst part cos small misunderstandings like these are actually able to cause such a havoc to friendship.. And it hurts me to see such great friendships weakened. If I know how to fix all the problem, I'd certainly do. And I regret for doing all the past mistakes that resulted in how it is right now.

I just... I just hope everything could return to how it used to be because it matters alot to me, friendship is a big part of my life. And seriously, I'd do anything to make everything work like how it used to..

I just wanna apologise for whatever wrong things that I did unintentionally/intentionally and hope that everything could be back to normal. It is a hard task to achieve, I understand.. I know the gap is not easy to be filled. But I just hope that things can go back to normal cos I love everyone of my friends and they matter alot to me.. ;(

*Both you and I know that we've really drifted apart very much compared to how we are previously. I can say that, we are the closest friends ever. We are the only one that can cope with the term "best friend", which is a very big term. Many things happened and it really hurts me to see the state of our friendship right now. From one of the most important ones in life, to just a very very normal friend.. And at times, I'm still sad because this is a friendship that I really really care about.. Back then, whenever we have problems we would consult each other. Whenever you or me is unhappy with each other, we would talk it out and settle it to avoid holding grudges (gunnysacking). But now... We don't even bother to talk it out anymore.. Everything just..changed... I know I might not have been a very good friend and at certain times you might be very disappointed/pissed at me.. I'm sorry.. ;( I really really want to apologise sincerely.. And it's because this friendship still matters alot to me and I can say that it is one of the greatest and longest friendship ever in my life.. ;/

At a point of our lives, we will realise that things are no longer how it used to be. And a part of us inside still have the urge to make things right.


Walking down the memory lane..

Monday, June 27, 2011

Part Time Job : AXN BiG Challenge ;D


So yesterday, me and a few collegemates worked for an event organised by AXN and sponsored by AXA Affin at 1 Utama. The event is called the BiG Challenge, 10 teams competing for the Grand Prize which is RM15,000. The concept is quite similar to Amazing Race. All the teams need to go through all 10 checkpoints as fast as possible.

And our job for the day, is the Checkpoint Coordinators/Race Marshal ;D All of us are distributed to different checkpoints to set up the place and challenge for the competing teams.



We reached 1U at 7:30am and all of us were soo damn tired @_@

Eric and I were issued to the same checkpoint. And we are the lucky ones who end up at the Outdoor Checkpoint while the others end up in Checkpoints in 1U = ="

So at 8 sumthin or so, Eric and I was asked to set up the checkpoint outside under the freaking hot sun while others continue sitting at the event place enjoying the air con = ="


Central Park. Our super hot and sunny checkpoint D:

The only great thing about there that kept me going on was the dogs! Many ppl brought their dogs there to train them and all of them are super duper cute ;DD


The owner training her Golden Retriever ;D My favorite dog!





Our Checkpoint is the 5th Checkpoint, and it's also the hardest to be found cos it's located at the far end of the park so yeah = ="


And this is our challenge ;D
It was quite hard in setting it up but thank god there were 3 of us. 1 person alone can never set this up well = =" And after setting everything up I was already sweating like a pig = ="

Anyways this challenge is quite simple. Basically the contestant just have to go through it without touching the ropes. The catch is that they have to be blindfolded. So the other team member gives instructions on how to cross it. Once they hit the rope, a penalty of 10 minutes will be added to their final results! And every additional hit is 30 seconds after the 3rd time.




We also hung bells on the rope so when they hit the rope the bell will ring ;D
The sunny weather = ="

My partner of the day Eric ;D

Oh yeah, we were given a walkie talkie too. So we can communicate with our leaders and also the Race Marshals at other checkpoints.
(no i'm not posing LOL)

Anyways after setting it up, we went to Fish&Co for lunch LOL! I ordered the cheapest thing there so yeah I didn't spend alot ;X

Our lunch was interrupted. Our leader called us and asked us to return IMMEDIATELY = =" So we quickly swallowed everything and paid and ran back to the event place.

We grabbed the props from our event place then we went to our station and standby.

The cute blindfolds LOL.

The Race started at 1pm I think. Other checkpoints are reporting through the walkie talkie the groups that came to their checkpoint while our checkpoint is super empty = ="

AND THE WORST THING IS THERE ARE NO PLACE FOR US TO SIT!!! I refused to sit on the floor so yeah I basically stood throughout the whole process and my legs and ass were tired as hell.

So after 1 hour of waiting. FINALLY SOME GROUPS CAME!!
Reading the Task Cards to know what they're suppose to do.
Team member giving instructions. (Nice blindfold LOL)
Oopsss, 1 penalty. Too bad ;D
Some group just crawled the whole thing. Which is the best and fastest way. Those other groups that didn't know that they could crawl through everything wasted ALOT of time. Say bye bye to RM15k ;X

All the groups came to our checkpoint within 40 minutes. So we were free and we can return to the event place to enjoy the air con ;DD

The event place is also the Final Checkpoint. The teams have to place the cards with pictures of food to their respective category in the Food Pyramid.

Yeah there were filming crews filming the whole process. I hope this thing won't be broadcasted on tv LOL COS I WAS FILMED TOO!

And basically our job is over ;D We were so relived after that and all of us sat on the stage.

Time for group picture! ;D


Our job basically ended after that. The Top 5 groups will be announced and they compete AGAIN for the Grand Prize. Which is kinda stupid if you ask me cos the groups worked so hard previously and then they need to compete all over again in the final challenge =.=" So even if you end up at the 5th place, you still have a SUPER BIG chance to win the Grand Prize = ="

We were too tired to sit there and watch the rest of the game to go on so we went home ;X

Overall it was a great experience and it was quite fun too ;) It's quite satisfying when you think that "Your chance of winning 15 thousand depends on me" LOL!! Surprisingly, all of the contestants were very nice and polite and we didn't encounter any problems too ;) And you get paid 100 bucks for having fun at the same time so I guess it's kinda worth it XD But for me it's just gaining experience lah so yeah, I'm happy with everything ;)

Anyways I still have 5 more weeks of holiday and I hope I'll spend it well! Might be having a Genting trip with the college mates but everything is still planning. Let's just hope everything works out fine ;)

Till then, goodbyeeeeeeeeeeeee awesome ones ;D